Facing the current Lebaran in East Java

Facing the current Lebaran in East Java, East Java Province Department of Public Works to prepare the team Binarmarga Rapid Response Unit (URC). And preparing a variety of light and heavy equipment such as bulldozers, wheel loaders, flat bed truck with crane up to the pickup and dump trucks.

ucapan lebaran

ucapan lebaran

“Rapid Response Unit team we scattered in various posts widths in some areas in East Java,” said Head of Public Binamarga Supaad East Java, on Tuesday (06/14/2016).

PU Binamarga URC team is deployed in the post Eid and under the coordination of UPT. As UPT Highways charge Bojonegoro Bojonegoro and Tuban. UPT Binamarga charge of Jombang and Mojokerto Mojokerto.

UPT Binarmarga Surabaya covers an area of Surabaya, Sidoarjo, Gresik and Lamongan. UPT Binarmarga covers an area of Madiun Madiun, Ngawi, Magetan, Ponorogo, Psychology. UPT Binarmarga care Pacitan Pacitan area.

UPT Binamarga oversees Kediri Kediri region, Nganjuk, Tulungagung and Blitar. UPT Binamarga oversees Malang Malang and Batu. UPT care Jember Jember and Bondowoso.

UPT Binamarga covers an area of Situbondo and Banyuwangi. Unit covers an area of Probolinggo, Pasuruan, Probolinggo and Lumajang. UPT Binamarga oversees Bangkalan Bangkalan and Sampang. As well as taking care of the area UPT Pamekasan Pamekasan and Sumenep.

“The task of this URC Team for urgent prevention activities,” he said citing the example if there is incidence of landslides, the UPT in the region for the first time to handle it.

The Islamic Commission of Spain announces the arrival of the month of Ramadan

The Islamic Commission of Spain announces the arrival of the month of Ramadan
Press release on the start of Ramadan 1437-2016
Sunday, June 05, 2016

According to several sources, the Islamic Commission of Spain (CIE) and the Spanish Federation of Islamic religious entities (FEERI), communicates to all the Spanish Muslim faithful and public opinion that the first day of the month of fasting, Ramadan, sacred will be, God willing, Monday, June 6, 2016, so the lunar Sha month ‘ ban will not meet their 30-day cycle.

We take this pleasant occasion since the CIE/FEERI to send our congratulations to all the Spanish Muslims and those of the world by the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan, wishing to be really a good opportunity for forgiveness, mercy, charity, reconciliation and good works.

Ramadan is the most important month for 1500 millions of Muslims in the world and almost more than a million and a half of Spain, as well as being the month of sacrifice, coexistence and tolerance, it is the month in which the Quran was given by the Prophet Muhammad (may God’s blessings be upon him).

According to Islamic law: “fasting is a duty religiously for every adult, healthy person, with trial, healthy, no traveller (resident), either male or female.” But it is exempt from fasting all minor, sick, sick mental person, traveler, woman during the period of menstruation or nifaas, as well as pregnant women, the infant who fears for their small and weak elderly.”

Ramadan Karim and that Allah accepts our sacrifice
Once again, from Islamic Board and Webislam, we have the honor and pleasure to be able to congratulate all the Ummah of Islam by the start of the holy month of Ramadan, this June 6, 2016. We ask Allaah to us grant a month filled with baraka, maghfira and spiritual enlightenment, that makes our fast easy and beneficial for our body and our soul, and that makes us more aware of him and his creation.

The month of Ramadan, which was made to descend the Qur’an as a guidance for mankind and clear proof of this guide, and the criterion by which to discern the true from the false. So, who of you witness the arrival of this month, should fast it all; but, that is ill or on a journey, will fast as many other days. God wants to ease for you and not the difficulty; but he wants that you complete the required number of days and you ensalcéis God for having guided properly, and that you give thanks

Announcement on the beginning of the month of Ramadan 2016

Announcement on the beginning of the month of Ramadan 2016Spanish Muslims observed the beginning of this blessed month and have to observe the fast from Monday, June 6
The Islamic Commission of Spain, organ of representation of Muslims in Spain, hasofficially announced this evening of Sunday, June 5, the beginning of the month ofRamadan with the entry of the new moon.


The announcement by the CIE found the beginning of a month – the ninth – special in the Islamic calendar – who now runs for the year 1437 – and marks an important period for Spanish Muslims, as from Monday, June 6, must be observed together withthe rest of the world‘s Muslims, the fast of Ramadhan, which implies inter alia refrain from eating and drinking and sexual intercourse between the rising and setting of the Sun as well as awareness of their spiritual condition of submission to Almighty God.


The Holy Quran says: “o you who believe! Are you prescribed fasting like those before you that you attain piety and fear of Allah”(2:183)


Purpose of the fasting of ramadan, it is a religious duty prescribed to healthy adults,while the elderly, travellers, pregnant women, children or sick can refrain from fasting, and if applicable, compensate him later during the year with other days. Adults who for some reason can not fast some days of Ramadaan and not to offset it, shouldfeed someone who needs it for each day of fasting to lose.


Every night, the fast is broken with iftar, a light meal that precedes dinner. Many Muslims also early rise to take a breakfast (Suhoor) before starting the fasting period.


When fasting begins, anyone who try to fast should express their intention to do soeither public or private: “try fasting today for love of Al – lah. “Oh Allah, let me easilyand accept my fast”.


When it approaches the time of breaking the fast at sunset, Muslims say: “O Allah, for you have fasted, in Ti I thought, trust in Ti and I break my fast with your food”.


The fasting of the month of Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam along with the testimony of faith (Shahada), prayer (Salah) which is performed five times a daythe Social contribution (Zakat) consistent to 2.5% or more of the annual benefits to needy people, students etc and the pilgrimage (Hajj) to Mecca performed at least once in the life-.


The month of Ramadan is also one in which the Holy Quran began to be revealed tothe Prophet Muhammad – the last of the prophets sent by God-. This revelation lasted for 23 years to be completed.


Although fasting is beneficial to health, since it removes toxins and impurities from the body, it is considered mainly as a method of autopurificacion. To resign, even fora short time, worldly pleasures, a fasting person better understands the value of food and the difficulties of those who lack them and grow in their spiritual life.


Fasting is not merely to refrain from ingestion of food and drink, but it also implieseliminating negative and immoral behaviours and show solidarity with those who have some kind of need.


So, Ramadan is a month of spiritual growth and increase of social responsibility. Thefulfillment of religious obligations in Islam this month get a reward that is 70 timeshigher than that of the rest of the year.


Ramadan is a period of great joy and happiness to the world‘s Muslims. They fast during the day and pray and read the Quran during a good part of the night.

Muslims around the world celebrate the start of Ramadan

Muslims around the world celebrate the start of RamadanThe Muslim holy month of Ramadan begins this Monday for most of the 1500 million Muslims on the planet
Millions of Muslims from around the world are welcomed at the start of the holy month of Ramadan this Monday, June 6, a time marked by intense prayer, fasting fromsunrise to sunset, and good deeds.


Religious authorities in most of the countries of the Middle East announced that thenew moon of Ramadhan was sighted on the afternoon of Sunday, June 5.


Indonesia, the world‘s most populous Muslim country, also declared that Muslims begin the fasting period the same Monday, like the Muslims in Singapore, Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, Qatar, Kuwait, Jordan, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan and the Palestinian territories, among others.


As a result of these announcements, a mosque in Tampa, Florida announced to his followers that they also would be the arrival of ramadan and, therefore, to begin thefirst day of fasting on Monday.


This decision to observe the fast of Ramadan from Monday was also extended to other Muslim communities around the world, including Spain, where the Islamic Commission said in a statement the beginning of the ninth month of the Islamic calendar.


The sighting of the new moon marks the beginning of the Muslim lunar month, which oscial between 29 and 30 days.


Religious authorities in some countries use observatories and astronomical calculations to determine the start of Ramadan, while other religious bodies that are governed only by the sighting of the moon with the naked eye (or “naked eye”), made thatit sometimes leads to discrepancies between nearby countries between Yes or, evenamong Muslim communities in the same territory, about the arrival of the month and the start of the fast.


Muslims believe that Ramadan is the month in which were revealed the first versesof the Quran, the sacred book of Islam, the Prophet Muhammad (saws) for more than 1400 years.


Fasting and prayer


In the month of Ramadan the Muslim faithful seek to go to mosques for supererogatory night prayers, known as “taraweeh”, while the free time during the day is oftenused in reading and recitation of the Quran, listen to religious conferences, in dhikrand any other activities of a religious and spiritual nature provided.


Every day during the month of Ramadan, Muslims abstain from eating, drinking, smoking and having sex from sunrise to sunset of the Sun to focus on spirituality, good works and charity.


It is exempt from fasting all minor, sick, sick mental person, traveler, woman during the period of menstruation or nifaas, as well as pregnant women, the infant who fears for their small and weak elderly.


Many break the fast to the Prophet Muhammad (saws) did some 1400 years ago, with a SIP of water and some dates to the sunset (at the time of Maghrib), followed byprayer.


It is common that Muslims break the fast with family and friends and charitable organizations to offer free meals to the public in mosques and other public spaces.


Families and friends get up early for Suhoor, last meal until the sun rises, and at the end of the day of fasting, meet for iftar, the breaking of the fast at sunset.


Fasting is intended to be a means of approach to God for believers and a way to remember the suffering of the less fortunate.


(Saum) fasting during Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam, along with the Declaration of Muslim faith (shahada), daily prayer (salat), charity (zakat) and performing the pilgrimage to Mecca (Hajj).


In many Muslim countries, offices and workplaces are required by law to reduce working hours and most of the restaurants are closed during daylight hours.


Muslims celebrate the end of Ramadan with an important holiday known as Eid al –Fitr.

Health Club, Just How To Choose One’s Life’s Health Club

Health Club, Just How To Choose One’s Life’s Health Club The truth is, you actually don’t need certainly to invest even the newest exercise device or lots of cash on costly fitness center or fitness gyms subscriptions to obtain shifting.

Nevertheless, many people discover that when a financial expense is made by them, they’re more prone to follow-through on exercise.

Fitness gyms are, ostensibly, created to supply the correct exercise tools, classes, along with other products needed seriously to maintain a person in good physical shape to individuals.

Nevertheless, not totally all fitness gyms are made equivalent. Actually, you will find fitness gyms that need their people to signal several agreements, which ultimately will difficult to terminate. Ergo, it’s very important to understand the fitness center’s faculties that’ll function best for you personally.Health Club, Just How To Choose One's Life's Health Club

This is a listing of several guidelines as you are able to utilize:

ONE. Create the mind on items http://www.smartdetoxsynergysurabaya.com/ that you’ll need

You need to initial understand what your requirements are so far as health and fitness can be involved before you select an exercise middle. This can decide fitness center’s type you will discover.

For instance, if you should be therefore significantly into athletics exercise as opposed to the common health and fitness actions like exercise, next it’d be not soleley treadmills and more straightforward to select a health club that’s athletics amenities.

TWO. Don’t forget to look around

It might seem so saying-ant however it gives an individual who stores about before choosing anything too much. Ergo, whenever choosing fitness gyms, it’s better to do several buying initial and obtain to evaluate the amenities obtainable in a fitness center, costs, and also the costs.

In this manner, you can choose the yet inexpensive and best health club you can actually discover.

THREE. Think about your finances

It generally does not fundamentally intended that simply because you’ve lots of cash, you’ll fundamentally surrender to some health club that you simply possess initially experienced.

It’s greatest that you simply possess a finances to check out so you may understand where you can concentrate your money before signing is decided on by you -up to get a health club.

Keep in mind, you wish to work-out for the physique and never working something which you’ll quickly maintain debts simply because anyone neglected to stay for your finances out.

FOUR. Understand where your hard earned money moves

If it creates anyone shed and perspiration these fats good! You need to be sure whichever type of health club that you simply get selected, it’s very important to realize that you receive that which you get taken care of.

FIVE. Be skeptical of faculties and the bodily characteristics of the middle that you simply desire to sign up for.

Ensure that the health club that you simply get selected is precisely ventilated, clear, and filled with all of the features that you’ll require.

Make sure additionally the tools the health club includes a regarding all-in great situation that is operating. Never utilize exercise tools that be seemingly worn-out currently. Good can not just trigger more damage than this.

These things all are boiled-down towards the proven fact that an exercise center doesn’t need to be a health club that was perfect. What issues many is the fact that the health club that you simply get selected is adequate to create great results within you.

Club Gift Baskets To Get A Stimulating And Rejuvenating Present

Club Gift Baskets To Get A Stimulating And Rejuvenating Present Delivering club gift containers to get a special-occasion provides a simple method to convey appreciation, rejoice an unique occasion, someone’s evening or just brighten. It’s getting an ever more common type of present- much more and much more, and providing individuals are discovering worth in delivering wellness and wellbeing -focused presents to loved-ones, and buddies, household. It’s no problem finding a number of niche presents ideal which are ideal for event or any era! From easy club treatment deals to sophisticated carrier totes full of zero-tension club products, there are many of methods to demonstrate treatment having a distinctive assortment of body and bathtub care products.

Club gift containers may vary from easy containers of body uniforms and creams, to bigger selections of indulging items and decadent goodies. Oils, calming scrubs and shower salt are fantastic methods to reduce tension in existence that is anyone’s, and physique and bathtub gift containers are ideal for each gents and ladies using routines that are frantic, or for all those that merely require a handle that is unique!Club Gift Baskets To Get A Stimulating And Rejuvenating Present

Club gift containers may also work very pesan parcel di jakarta well like housewarming present or a birthday shock. Contemplate how useful a de stress bundle is likely to be regarding someone who offers simply been through the procedure of getting into a brand new house; aromatherapy candle, bath salt, along with other calming items might be precisely what they have to get resolved in. Club gift containers may also work very well regarding and pregnant mom in a baby shower celebration; calming creams, fragrant body uniforms, and quality candles may also assist these unwind and revel in their maternity effortlessly. University students, lecturers, as well as employers most may take advantage of only a little rest whenever of yr; physique and bathtub gift containers really are an easy method deliver an unforgettable present and to lengthen a symbol of understanding.

Contemplate delivering these a rejuvenating club gift hinder or totebag if somebody unique that you experienced requirements many indulging and further treatment! These club gift containers that were niche are full of excellent items including rest dvds, loving body-butter, calming tub dairy, as well as premium candies. Truffles and candies are self-indulgent function particularly nicely in club gift containers regarding that extra-special contact, and improvements to any present.

Magnificent massage gift containers will also be created for that someone special who requires a raise that was small; wellbeing items in these varieties contain quality items and scent oils such as for instance pearls. For anybody that requires a momentary escape from challenging or tension occasions within their life, physique and bathtub gift containers full of massager or a wood clean, calming oils, and songs that was calming might be precisely what they need rejuvenate, unwind, and to remove.

Anybody may enjoy a club escape that is heavenly, and you will have the ability from their house with a number of club gift baskets’ convenience accessible. Physique and bathtub gift containers could require an unique pampering program and are specifically soothing for all those which are dealing with a challenging period. Club gift containers provide lots of choices to complete anything only a little diverse knowing somebody who can use a nice handle or unusual gift to get a birthday or wedding!

Healthy Options Supplements

Healthy Options Supplements There a number of different specific hair nutritional supplements that could enjoy with an important role in helping someone possess a healthy tresses. If a individual doesn’t have enough hair supplements then a insufficiencies can lead to thinning hair as well as full baldness while in the most severe circumstances. The fact is the state-of a tresses that is person’s demonstrates their body’s overall situation. Extra locks supplements may also halt developing and are likely to be required if a person is normally sick or is undernourished as their locks can present destruction also.

Some of the most significant hair supplements that a individual will need biotin, inositol acid is included by tresses that is balanced. The easiest way to make sure that a person gets sufficient of the locks vitamins that are necessary are in order for them to be studied as nutritional vitamin supplements. It’s not just hair vitamins which are necessary for healthier hair though as there are a variety of nutrients that are vital, including zinc, sulphur, it and magnesium.

The absolute hair supplement that is most necessary is vitamin-a but the greatest form of that is to include in the dietary plan is beta-carotene. It is because the hair vitamin A might be hazardous if ingested in substantial portions but betacarotene has no such issues and it is modified from the physique into Vitamin – A that may be used to increase locks that is healthy. Ofcourse A is not only a hair supplement, it’s likewise necessary for several other capabilities including usual expansion of nails, skin, bones along with the defensive sheath surrounding neural muscle.Healthy Supplements

Proteins is another hair vitamin that is crucial. The reason being locks itself is actually protein. The hair can be affected by the total amount of this locks vitamin that the person consumes inside their diet right. This hair vitamin will cause enhanced hair growth as well as a much bigger tresses if your lot of protein is roofed in a diet subsequently. But, someone who includes a diet that’s without this hair nutritional are affected from hair thinning and gradual hair development.

Naturally, it’s not minerals and only hair vitamins which are needed to make sure that a person has , powerful that is healthier locks. There are certainly a amount of analysts who’ve found that you can find primary links between the all around health of the person along with their hair’s situation. In case a person is under lots of anxiety or is affected with a lack of sleep next their locks is also more likely to experience and it’s also probably that their diet will not provide hair vitamins that are adequate to counter these results. Locks nutritional and nutrient supplements could possibly be the means to fix locks that is damaged and weak.

Great Assistance With Woodworking That You Can Easily Follow


Once I was really a child, my grandfather enjoyed a workshop in his basement. He would supply us with wood, tools and hardware so we would create an array of imaginative crafts. For those who have grown up having a passion for woodwork, the tips below can help you master your craft.

Tape will be your friend when gluing stained wood together. Position the two components of wood together in a clamp and tape the seam before you apply the glue. Carefully cut the tape over the joint and after that separate the 2 components of the wood and apply the glue across the joint. Clamp together and permit to dry. The tape will keep the glue off the wood and is also an easy task to remove after the glue is dried.

If you install your hacksaw blade, ensure that the teeth face forward. They are designed to cut when pushed utilizing a forward stroke as opposed to a pulled stroke. Many of these blades have arrows pointing toward the handles that demonstrate the correct way to install them. Set it up ensuring that it is actually tight and cannot bend. Once you do a great deal of cutting, your blade warms up and expands, so be sure you tighten it before it begins bending.


Among the necessary tools for woodworking may be the common pencil. Pencils get lost easily, however. Buy plenty, then store them in an old instant soup container. Fill the container with sawdust and drill holes from the lid. You’ll now have ample pencils and also the container won’t tip over easily.

Make the most of several tools rather than attempting to do all of your work towards merely one. A jig, a tablesaw, a bandsaw as well as a lathe all get their own uses. It is vital that do you know what each of these tools do and you use them accordingly while getting the position done.

Be sure that you are wearing the proper protective gear when you find yourself dealing with your woodworking projects. Your safety factors are of primary importance. Eye protection can protect the eyes from flying wood debris. Some strong gloves can protect your hand from splinters. Make sure that you have these essentials before starting on any projects.

Working with a table saw could be very dangerous for people with long hair. Should you be one of those people, it would be a wise idea that you can tie your own hair up when you work. You don’t want any of your hair to obtain caught inside the blades.

If woodworking is completely new for your needs, it pays to carefully read plans before commencing projects. Be sure you have got a full idea of what you must do, and make sure the information is complete. In the event the plans aren’t complete or maybe if you’re confused, ask someone at the home improvement store for help.

When you can take your passion for working together with wood and pass it on to your kids, you can expect to imbue all of them with skills that serve you for a lifetime. Start using these ideas to provide them with the proper advice in terms of completing their projects. That will make certain that they can keep this hobby going well into adulthood.

Learn Woodworking By Using These Simple Advice And Tips


Woodworking is surely an awesome hobby that leaves you available to a range of options that it could never get old. If you find that you will be in a rut in terms of the skills that you may have you should read the article below. It is filled with ideas that can bring new elements into the work that you just do.

Organize your shop’s extension cords to keep your shop safe and tidy. You possibly can make your very own cord keeper with simply a scrap piece of wood. Simply cut a piece of wood from the shape of an I and wrap every one of your extension cords across the wood.

Stair gauges are very important devices to work with. Just clamp them on the carpenter’s square while ensuring they match. Mark the notches in your carpenter’s square. If they’re on the same carpenter square’s tongue, that combination can produce an ideal guide for any crosscut by using a circular saw.


Always wear safety glasses when you are doing anything that involves woodworking. Should you not spend some time to put the glasses on you are taking a massive risk that may be not sensible. Imagine, if you lose your eye sight you are going to not be able to do woodworking every again.

Browse the choice of videos seen on YouTube if you would like to learn more about the hobby of woodworking. There are many videos offered by people of abilities that you just should never be able to watch all of them. You can also hunt for specific skills that you would want to learn.

Ensure your workbench is the proper height. It really can easily make a significant difference. It must fit you and also the way you work. Usually in case you are around 5’6″ to 5’9″ you most likely need the one that is between 33″ and 36″ high. Should you be 5’10” or taller, you may want one which is between 35″ and 37″ high. Utilize your bench at its current height to determine if you need to change it to be effective better for you.

Dry suit your project together before commencing to glue. You may cause damage should you move things around after gluing them together. Dry fitting your pieces will show you how the components fit together.

Whether you are a beginning woodworker or perhaps not, you should always read and understand your plans before staring any project. Make certain they are complete without having missing information. If you’re not sure of the they’re saying, or they don’t are most often complete, try to search for a store that focuses on redesigning to inquire about them for help.

Now you have look at the article above you surely have realized that you may have a lot more available to work alongside than you thought before. The key to keeping your hobby interesting is usually to continue to discover your options, just like you may have by reading these article. Now go out you will find placed the above tips to work.

What You Must Know About Fine Woodworking


The skill of woodworking is enjoyed by countless people, men and women alike. Having the ability to create something beautiful from a typical component of wood is extremely satisfying. If you are looking at learning or maybe in boosting your skills, this article might have some tips that you can use with your next project.

The main reason why many power tools have guards to them would be to make you stay safe. Never remove the guards away from any tools. You possibly will not discover why they are there, however they are there for a reason. They are there to guard you from sharp blades, moving parts as well as other things that could potentially hurt you. cara cepat menggemukan sapi


Be more accurate simply by using a drafting square. If you require an exact square that’s about 2″ to 3″, you have limited options. Drywall squares are typically very inaccurate. With carpenter squares, you need to hook them on to your work piece’s edge. A drafting square can be simply used should you have one lying around. If you don’t, these are pretty cheap to find at art stores. These are incredibly accurate so when useful like a tape measure.

Whenever you deal with wood, wear some safety glasses and a dust mask to keep yourself safe. When cutting or perhaps hammering into wood, pieces can fly up in your eyes or even be breathed in. This might lead to health issues which can end your enjoyment on this pursuit for good.

Browse the selection of videos seen on YouTube if you would like for more information on the hobby of woodworking. There are so many videos provided by people of all the skill sets which you will not be in a position to watch all of them. You may also search for specific skills that you want to learn.

It appears as if a sound idea to possess a small ruler within each of your pockets, however you are bound to learn that it falls out every time you bend over. If this falls out, try getting a metal one and employ a magnet for collecting screws to maintain it from falling out. This magnet assists you to retain the objects together and in your pocket.

Remember to keep your job area clean and safe, even if you will not be actually there. Leaving out components of lumber with nails in them as well as power tools that happen to be easily activated in your yard might be dangerous. One never knows when animals or even neighborhood children might come romping through and hurt themselves.

When choosing wood for the woodworking project, always buy long rather than on the exact measurements. Some stores will sell you wood which is cut to length. Always measure long and trim down to the exact size you need within your shop. In this way when you produced a minor error in measurement, you will have a little bit of extra wood to slice off or utilize to make up for the visible difference.

Custom wood craft is one thing that a great many people appreciate. Think of what you would to help make for your forthcoming project. Take into account the advice which you have learned here. If you are doing woodworking as being a hobby or even for business, the better experience you may have, the higher your craftsmanship will likely be.