Jabar asked the central highway in the city of Bandung proceed


West Java provincial government asked the central government to continue the construction of Bandung Intra Urban Toll Road (BIUTR). So far, the project land cincin tunangan acquisition BIUTR hampered because the land through which the project belongs to an average of ministries and agencies at the central level.

It is said Secretary Jabar Iwa Karniwa, as confirmed via telephone on Wednesday (25/11). The Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Coordinator of the West Java provincial government has just discuss the fate BIUTR in Jakarta, Tuesday (24/11) yesterday.

jabar-minta-pusat-lanjutkan-tol-dalam-kota-bandung“So we ask this toll road investment needs to be resumed,” he said.

The toll road will stretch from the Pasteur-Ujungberung-Gedebage require land acquisition belonging to 16 government agencies. Coordination required by the coordinating minister for the economy of the land use.

He admitted, gave an overview in a meeting concession in the city of Bandung is the center. It encourages centers in this case the Ministry of Public Works that the toll BIUTR Pera is located primarily in the development of Metropolitan Bandung Raya.

In addition, it is also requested that the Coordinating Ministry for permission to facilitate the settlement related to the principle of the agencies affected by the project so that the land acquisition can begin immediately.

“We also encourage the government to immediately resume the land acquisition process for a segment that is feasible,” he said.

The fate of the previous BIUTR development limbo. That’s because the land through which the project belongs to an average of ministries and agencies at the central level. This problem is also a problem chain because in principle, land cincin palladiumacquisition can only be done when Warrant Building Land Acquisition (SP2LB) has been published. However SP2LB will never go down if there is no principle permission from the land owner.

OC Kaligis sentenced to 10 years in prison, crying Vexia Velove


The arrest of a senior lawyer Otto Cornelis Kaligis mid-July on suspicion of bribery against judges in the Administrative Court of Medan was startled. Today, father Velove Vexia actress is back on trial at the Corruption Court (Corruption), Central Jakarta.

Velo came to support her father accompanied by several artists such velove_vexia-20150723-012-bayuas Marshanda and Baim Wong. “Not jenguk, love the support, the know papa, my friend near the equally papa, no client relations. There are already on the road, Chacha, Baim, is not all there is activity,” said the sweet girl when found in Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, Wednesday afternoon (25/11).

He was disappointed because forbidden to visit OC Kaligis who are sick while at the crease. “Yes, why report to Komnas HAM, the papa I suspect, the suspect still has not been a decision, if the ban on baseball rules meet that. Medication baseball dibolehin the baseball can be,” he explained.

He was also in shock over 10-year prison sentence imposed by the judge to the father. “Shocked, quite a shock! There are judges demanded 4.5 (years), especially of state officials. Why papa further punishment. Kayak sentiment. What my father because during the same contradicts the Commission? Is that the reason that high demand papa?” Velo said disappointed.

Velo could not hide her sadness and burst into tears. “Sad lah, I cry. Kan usually talking to papa. Outside of the city line. I know my dad, baseball ditreat bitterly unfair. In fact there are corrupt 12 M demanded 2 years. My dad casenya less than 5 milion,” he said.

This beautiful virgin 25 years also questioned why the father more severe punishment than others. “Not the accused (the other party), as in the same case, is not much different baseball, state officials demanded lighter, papa even higher. What papa because terbitin book about the evils of the Commission?” he said.

Variety of Media Learning English

English now continues to be your second language within almost all the world, such as in Indonesia. We’ve been learning English considering that the elementary school. though This has been studied via a good early age, This still can’t Get better at That to the fullest. That seems to be able to many to make use of the media for you to learn ones English language in addtion to formal education to help Get better at it.

Learning English in school as well as college is usually not a guarantee my spouse and i will certainly Master English. although the latest English language colleges have mushroomed, nonetheless community regarding English language proficiency can be still minimal. Study abroad or indeed possible process kitanya who do not want to practice on the fullest, thus This are unable to hang properly.

Important for you to learn English

English features at this point possibly be a great international language. Entering your own era connected with globalization, your current mastery of the English language is actually required. within the actual era connected with globalization your own influence of foreign parties is usually very wide, especially regarding economy.

Many foreign companies tend to be international open its branches with various other countries, like Indonesia. Thus, inevitably i be asked to Learn ones English language.

From ones world associated with education has mastery of the English language is usually very important. English lessons possibly  les privat bahasa inggris be solitary of a clicks lessons and get a special area for the final exam. Likewise, the college level, which is now widely consumed reference or maybe English literature, consequently inevitably this international language Just in case we develop.

Especially with education which is to be at this point inside full swing in order to make the scientific operate in the application form associated with international scientific journals. Even intended for stratum two are generally required to write a good article regarding scientific papers put inside a good scientific journal. Well, no matter whether You might not speak English, how incase fulfill This obligation.

Basically learning English will be easy, As prolonged In the same way That is often trained with The best way to communicate within English. is actually not currently several English lean body This in case help. But That was otherwise a good strong desire to help know though practicing, the English language material when i have learned merely disappear.

The ability for you to speak one’s not seen how far he mastered your material, but how clever in addtion to eloquent he used. regardless of whether not consumed with everyday communication, English am limited to help mere theory.

Indeed, ones material is pretty much the English language. However, no matter whether your current note again even more complicated along with complex Indonesian. Basically English language materials This we have encountered lone limited towards the structure, sentences, kind words, operate words, listening, and writing words. But nonetheless i still hard in order to master. English language materials are likewise often discussed in each school level.

Facing globalization means when i must possibly be ready to help compete from the international community. Well, to compete by the international community when i In the event Master your current international language involving English. Do not get people out regarding time or can’t follow global developments because of the limitations my partner and i single speak English.

Media Learning English

Many roads lead to help Rome, Equally your current proverb says to all of us remain optimistic. furthermore by the mastery of a English language, there is not any word “difficult” As very long Just like willing to know in addtion to put This into practice inside everyday communication.

Actually You will find a lot of media The item my partner and i can cause like a means in order to realize your English language. my spouse and i simply just want to stay as well as do not apply The idea throughout everyday life.

The additional media learning English my partner and i try, your added likely when i will certainly Master English. Actually when i recognize in MY daily activities several media It my partner and i may use. Want to be able to know what? You can view with the following description.

1. English Language Books

Books This utilize English as being a medium you can create or tools to help know English. with the book You can view which the structure of the sentence are made, your own raw application form of the sentence, new vocabulary therefore on. You might Select a book The idea includes your own popular knowledge in order to be added very easily digested.

2. Novel as well as Story

After books, novels as well as studies you can establish to be a medium with regard to learning the English language. due to the first step you have to opt for the primary novel as well as story That is not consequently long. Should again Click on novels or maybe stories intended for teenagers or maybe children, because It is not too prolonged as well as the words consumed are usually straightforward in order to understand.

If you’ve begun in order to master, is usually switched in order to English novel or even short story lengthy or thick. He said, feel more engrossed with reading a great novel or perhaps a great story with English rather as compared to Indonesian. much like the Harry Potter novels, many argue will be greater how the English version compared to Indonesian.

3. the Course

Place the particular course will be one of an almost all widely picked out because of the community to help recognize in addtion to Get good at ones English language. there’s right now a great lot when i can meet English language colleges within various procedures in addtion to ways involving learning. place the actual course gives classes begin for school children, students, lecturers, teachers, common for you to employees.

The course is extra promising when compared with additional media similar to books in addtion to novels earlier. only if This can be not matched coming from directly application form to be able to speak English, This has useless Just like well. Already paid dearly, but English still can not be controlled properly.

4. Text Songs

Do not waste your current English text of your songs that you should have from home. during MY songs we immediately after learned English. Song additional memorable and also trouble-free in order to realize While in comparison with a great textbook or a course in English. during song i sing for the same time giving THE understanding of a meaning of any song The item are delivered.

Choice associated with words or even new English vocabulary often appear with the text regarding the particular song. thus That would add to be able to MY OWN vocabulary new English language. your new vocabulary will be very clicks in order to recall many your vocabulary taken for the English language.

5. Poetry

As within songs, verses my spouse and i will likewise EMPLOY as being a medium regarding learning English. while producing an poem, when i can immediately know English. So, intended for the individual associated with anyone whom including to create poetry can come to help hone its English skills. The item would end up being greater no matter whether the poems That has been developed are read again, therefore The idea will certainly in addition hone speaking skills throughout English.

6. Film

The film The idea benefits English text in addition i can make to be a means to always be English. Preferably As soon as watching movies, especially Hollywood movies, English do not discuss your current text can be converted to be able to Indonesian, because the It’ll train your ears and eyes tend to be fluent within English.

Sometimes ones pronunciation will be not therefore clear a obstacle on the mastery of a English language. Well, because of the film You might realize to hear or even listening, therefore The item the ears usually are additional familiar with pronunciation or even pronunciation vocabulary with English with the film.

That a few media It my partner and i are able to use being a tool or perhaps a way to understand along with Master your English language. So, exactly who said It in order to Learn your English language The idea Just in case simply coming from immediately after an course of English? while in songs in addtion to poems when i will certainly even realize English.

Is not It an simple way was more effective to Master English? a quick way is actually sourced through a great hobby or favorite when i will supply results The item masimal, not only in terms of mastery of an English language, but with everything. make application for a good study!

In the year, Women Spend 91 Hours for Makeup


Preen or dress is the instinct of a woman who can not be separated. So no wonder if a woman takes a long time to make up.

This is evident from the poll St. Ives facial scrubs on 1,020 respondents. From the polls it is proven if the average woman in the UK spends 91 hours in a year, just to dress up in front of the glass. That is, the lifetime of the women took 43 weeks just to decorate.

The poll also shows that women who lived in southern England have more time to get dressed. About 12 percent of them admitted that it took 45 minutes to an hour per day to brush up on her face. While women in the north, only eight percent of those who acknowledge it.

Most women actually admitted to shorten the time of their grooming. However, the survey results prove only 13 percent who feel confident with their real face.

In fact, ninety percent of the women say, it is impossible to go out without makeup. And there is one percent of women who claim to need to dress up before going exercise.

Many of them also want to look perfect in the online media, the number eight percent of women choose to spend at least 30 minutes per week to change the picture on Facebook. “It seems that women today are not happy with how it looks without makeup. As our research shows, even to post pictures to Facebook, they have to do editing beforehand,” said Leah Doherty of St. Ives as quoted from page Daily Mail.

Unfortunately, although the British women can not be separated from makeup, but only five people who believe that his friend would look better if the dress. However, there are 41 percent who are not willing to tell their friends natural look actually better than makeup for fear of making them upset.

Definition, perform along with Parts Sun  

Definition, perform along with jual tenaga surya Parts Sun | the particular time Around the understanding, your current run of any sun, your own parts of a layer of your sun. the structure of the sun which is your own arrangement associated with layers in addition to characteristics plus the content contained within the sun itself. Let’s delivery your discussion at the actual time, by very first discussing your current meaning clear understanding of the sun or even your own sun. ones sun can be a huge incandescent ball that is to be the center of an solar system. your size of any sun is 100 times larger in comparison with your size of any earth which possesses about 1.4 zillion km diameter and weighs information on 300 mil times your The strain of a earth which has a temperature around 6000 ° C towards the surface of the sun. your sun will be designed up of any collection of hydrogen in addition to helium gas. ones sun is authored involving quite a few parts arranged layers such as core of a sun, ones photosphere, chromosphere, corona. previous discussing your current parts of any sun, let’s discuss your operate of a sun itself just like the solitary below ..4

Solar System: Definition, is effective and Parts Sun
Functions involving mahatari
Functions / roles / intro of an sun with regard to humans in addition to especially living beings on earth antaralain In the same way follows …
Effect connected with infrared light
The influence associated with ultraviolet rays The idea can eradicate germs
Sunlight can be employed for energy source
The sun’s rays competent to killing microbes
Menyakit may mengobat insomnia throughout sunning themselves at the morning
Ray matahar idapat help ones mood for the greater because the sun will stimulate your own synthesis edorfin
Can ease joint disease in addition to arthritis
Vitamin D taken coming from sunlight can help for you to inhibit ones development involving cancer cells in addition to whether or not carried out regularly will certainly fight bowel disease, leukemia, along with breast cancer.
Sunlight will probably increase blood circulation, strengthen kardiovakuler system, arterial pressure, pulse in addition to normalize The kind of cholesterol with the body.
Sunlight is actually useful within reducing blood sugar because sun provides ease of absorption involving glucose into your current body, the sun can be insulin.
Boost your own immune system.
Sunlight will be capable to establish along with improve your bones
As an ingredient for the process involving photosynthesis
Parts of any Sun
Parts of an sun much like the above You can find 4 starting because of the deepest area antaralain …

a. Sun’s core (Core)
(Understanding your own core of the Sun). Sun’s core is usually portion of a sun The idea offers a great ambient temperature regarding 15 mil degrees Celsius. Temperature as well as very high pressure will allow your own splitting of atoms straight into electrons, protons, as well as neutrons. Neutrons are generally uncharged may leave ones core on the outside sun. Fusion reaction (movement regarding electrons) along with an very rapidly protons and also collide in each other) took place inside your division along with the results transmitted towards outside coming from radiation.
Radiative zone may be the layer The item surrounds ones core. the layer provides the temperature from within in order to outside is information on nine mil for you to two mil degrees Celsius.
The convective zone is the layer where ones temperature offers dropped. your layer temperatures around a couple of million degrees Celsius. right after out of a radiative zone, ones atoms are segment regarding your core may move for the an additional outer layer with a lower temperature.

b. Photosphere
(Understanding Photosphere). Photosphere will be the surface layer of your Sun to the suitable of about 350 km. the actual layer is usually called your own light In the same way light emitting layers (thermal energy) is very strong and some light to the Earth. the temperature inside the particular layer is actually approximated to be able to be information about 6000 degrees celsius with a layer thickness of 500 km.

c. Chromosphere
(Definition of chromosphere). Chromosphere is really a layer above your current photosphere temperature of about half a dozen trillion to 50 thousand degrees Celsius. Light layer connected with chromosomes is usually not graphic since the photosphere layer. But Any time a complete solar eclipse, your current chromosphere layer is actually aesthetic in the form of an red color for the high content regarding helium. with your chromosome layer there can be a layer connected with gas This can be the all dynamic since The item often appears with the application form regarding shaped light radiating flame to be able to a good height connected with over 200 million km, called prominence.

d. Corona
(Understanding Korona). Corona could be the outermost layer of the sun. White layer will be seen Concerning the sun on the day of any solar eclipse. this layer temperatures reach millions involving degrees Celsius. your layer can be a thin gas layer as well as the shape is actually always changing.



Uh friends’ve not inquired regarding assistance to help become jasa karikatur murah developed illustrations due to the pamphlet associated with activities? Usually This asking with regard to support will be talking like this. “Please buatin caricature, dong” Initially, when i feel stunned, my partner and i carry on for you to request for “Caricature? Karikaturin face an individual …? may be a great prolonged day no matter whether ngerjain caricature …. “So even whether we could possibly help do a good caricature, we only want to be able to provide the education This is some other from cartoon caricature. even though actually my partner and i realize The idea question is often a cartoon illustration. with regard to sweetening in addition to appeal pamphlet only.

Or a number of are usually talking an little bit different, “Ease connected with USE animation wrote, while his home extra attractive, can a person please created for ya ….?” i again be required to educate what the animation, although my partner and i furthermore worked just as one animator, but not since command your free, we do not want to be able to do your animation, in addition to complicated as well as need a good department to be able to do it. But since the we became to be able to understand The item what they want will be a great illustration of a cartoon as a possible attraction.

But actually MY PERSONAL friends here do already realize What is ones difference involving comics, cartoons as well as caricatures ….?

Let us discuss one by single ….


Image like a application form involving visible communication experience differentiation classification. a number of terms usually are known to help refer for you to other forms connected with art drawings, among others: comics, cartoons, and caricatures. these types of three terms are likely to be tercampuradukkan each other. Confusion understanding between cartoons, comics in addition to caricature arises because these three terms are usually both taken in the pack associated with art picture and also do not have clear boundaries along with the recognized has not disputed anybody terms theoretically. your primary one i discuss can be … ..


Will Eisner image Storytelling in his book (published within 1996) defines comics for order of a visual and also the word balloons sequentially. Earlier, within 1989, ones book Comics as well as Sequential Art, Eisner defines Just like “Composition involving images in addition to words to tell something or dramatize a good idea.” Just like Scott McCloud define That by the right after definitions: “Comics are generally pictures along with symbols Another terjukstaposisi within a great catered order, aims to be able to provide the information along with or perhaps achieve aesthetic advice through readers. ”


The book through veteran comic It explains with detail what your current comic
The book via veteran comic artist will probably Eisner It explains with detail what your comic
Will Eisner comics
one of Eisner’s comic masterpiece
Or trivial gini deh, comics are sequential images arranged and also interconnected. Comics is actually created throughout sole or perhaps further boxes. Comic who intended over one package (panel, pen.) Called the comic strip. In addition there are designed continued throughout several boxes in addition to recorded, called a good comic book. Thus, no matter whether defined simply, comics are usually an art form This functionalities not any taking pictures are generally arranged inside such a good way therefore As in order to form ones fabric of any story. Comics is usually released in several forms, ranging because of the strip in the paper, wrote for the magazine, for you to form a great separate book. the oldest application form of comics is actually seen towards the walls connected with pyramids inside Hieroglyp identify or maybe in the archipelago is actually relief at Borobudur temple walls.

What are the Benefits White Eggs for Beauty?


In the egg, there are two major parts of the egg white and yolk. Both have good nutritional value. For facial treatments, a part that is often used is egg white, because in it has several advantages when compared with egg yolk. Egg whites or known as the albumin-laden rich in protein and no fat. Egg whites also has benefits for the issuing of dead skin on the face to make the face becomes clean and bright. Not only that there are many benefits of egg whites to take care of your face, is as follows:7

Any benefits for the Egg White Face Care?

1. Tighten and Moisturize skin
The egg white provides a sense of taut facial skin and makes pores become smaller. Mix one teaspoon of white eggs with one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of olive oil. Apply on the face and neck until dry. After that, rinse with warm water. If done regularly, the pores will shrink. This method can also make your skin soft.
Chicken eggs can provide face protection so that acne is not easily arise.
Can be overcome and blemishes / dark spots resulting from acne scars
Addressing and treating your nose (especially can prevent stubborn blackheads)
Restore cell pores that have been opened so that the pores will be closed again.
Troubleshooting oily dirt along with that result.
How to make a mask of egg white?
Materials – materials that you need to prepare:
White eggs taken from a chicken egg (village)
Pure honey that has not been mixed with about 1 tablespoon of the chemical.

The way the application and use egg white mask:
The first step to open a chicken egg
Take the egg whites and yolks separated by
Beat the egg whites which we prepared earlier in the plate or container until the egg white-foam bubbles.
Put one tablespoon of honey that had been prepared into the beaten egg whites, mix the two ingredients until evenly distributed.
A mixture of egg white and honey is that you can Dab lightly and evenly on the face area.
Do not be washed out after completion of applying (let stand about 30 menitan or mask to dry)
Wash your face with clean water and pat your face with a soft cloth / soft towel.
For a more natural way this can give the maximum positive effect, you can use this way of at least 1-2 times a week (use before sleep).

Another way is by whisking the egg whites until slightly frothy. Then, wipe the face immediately and then rinse with warm water. Eliminate eye bags are often sleep late or too much activity can cause eye fatigue and baggy. It could also affect the beauty of yourself. To overcome apply a thin egg whites dikantong eyes and wait up to 10 minutes or dry, then rinse.

Easy is not to treat the face with egg whites? In addition to easy, it is also not too spend your deep and has little negative impact on the face because of the small chemicals used.

2. Against Skin Irritation
Egg mask is very good for treating skin irritation. This is because the egg has amino acids that are useful for reducing inflammation of the skin. High protein content is also good for the face. To fight against skin irritation in the body of the egg white mix with your bath soap. Naturally, your skin will heal irritated.

3. Maintain the Beauty and Hair Health
For hair care, use egg white is mixed with water and applied directly to the hair like wearing a hair tonic. for hair masks, beat eggs until fluffy or until frothy white stiff and rubbed kerambut then rinsed.

Many not benefit chicken eggs for beauty, how well are not too difficult, but it does little need patience to achieve the maximum, benefits of egg whites to the health and beauty of the face can be a natural way to treat and keep skin and hair healthy, clean and fresh.

Attack on Titan and Gundam anime Apparently Including the

Attack on Titan and Gundam anime Apparently Including the estimated Will Fail!


4 anime which is expected to gagalSiapa imagined that as Attack on Titan anime series Mobile Suit Gundam or expected to experience a failure? The anime has a positive response was minimal at first so many companies refuse to broadcast or publish. However, as we all know the anime just got a very good response and gain tremendous popularity in the future. The following 4 anime which is expected to fail!
1Serial Mobile Suit Gundam
4 anime which is expected to fail
Mobile Suit Gundam of GOUF Ignited Back in Action in Extreme VS Force
Also Read
Who does not know a giant robot with a variety of unique shape of this? But did you know that Clover, the company responsible for the production of Gundam-themed action figures, originally cut showtimes series of 52 to 43 telecasts? The reason is because of the lack of sales of the action figure.

4 anime which is expected to gagalNamun, after failing to popularize toy Clover Gundam, the rights to produce toys are taken over by Bandai. Action figure Clover uses to promote the series immediately stopped by Bandai, they would make a toy that can be our own raft. At that time, a toy like this is still a very new thing that curiosity makes sales figures increased dramatically.

4 anime which is expected to gagalDengan increasing sales figures, production of Gundam series can be re-run. Starting from various OVA, game, until the series that they incur, all these things can be achieved thanks to the takeover of copyrighted by Bandai.
2Deadman Wonderland
4 anime which is expected to gagalKesuksesan of this anime does not apply in Japan, the country of origin itself. Although the manga series has found success in Japan, the anime adaptation of the series has just got a lot of negative criticism from many fans. There are many reasons why the anime adaptation is expressed as the product failed, among them there are some deleted characters, the storyline is too accelerated, and various scenes are questionable.

4 anime which is expected to gagalNamun, after getting a response that is less good than their own country, this anime it gained popularity in other countries. Anime anime has become one of the most watched in Toonami, a program of Cartoon Network which delivers a lot of other Japanese anime as well. Deadman Wonderland can even beat the rating of Bleach which also aired on Toonami.lagu minang

4 anime which is expected to gagalKepopuleran this anime in America even made Funanimation produce blu-ray of the series has twice as many fans demand. Deadman Wonderland is proof that sometimes an anime that is not well known in their home country, can be found success in other countries. read : video naruto

Maintain Good Relations with Clients and Your Business Partner

Maintain Good Relations with Clients and Your Business Partner


Maintain good relationships with clients and business associates is important to maintain the continuity of cooperation. In addition to maintaining product quality and level of service, another way to do this is to entertain them establish a close relationship with them outside the formal atmosphere of offices and businesses. Entertain clients and business partners is a common practice by businesses. If the business is impressive in their eyes, the possibility to work together again in the future will be more open and lasts longer. It is not impossible they repeat orders and remember you as partners or suppliers who serve them better than your competitors. One trick is to “entertain clients” is to provide things that are favored by the clients. Surely you do not want to give a ticket to a concert while your client would rather attend a high tea at the hotel for example.

Some innovative ways that you can do to ‘entertain’ clients and business associates are as follows

Tickets or sports facilities. Take or give tickets to watch sporting events such as football, golf, basketball. You can also give vouchers to use sports facilities such as tennis courts, indoor soccer or even the gym. Of course, after ensuring that the client or partner is a sports freak. You can accompany to watch the match with the hope to get to know the client / counterparty further, or provide tickets and vouchers that they can use according to their needs.
Spa packages. If your client is a woman, give spa packages that are sold can be an impressive selection. Spa is synonymous with calming and relaxation time, two things that are often difficult to obtain business people. One thing to note, make sure you already know the true quality of the spa services. You can try it out first or get a recommendation from a variety of sources. Give a treat at the spa which turned bad service will make you lose credibility in their eyes.
This concert tickets right choice for clients and partners whose hobby musical performances. Often held concerts in Jakarta singers and musicians. This is one event that you can use for the benefit of your business. Which should be of concern is to recognize the true taste them before you spend to buy a ticket that is usually quite expensive. There is no harm in asking Casually musical tastes clients / partners. Do not let the intent to entertain them unattainable because they do not like the music of your choice.
Invitations to eat. It is the safest alternative you can do. It seemed no one would refuse if asked to eat. Talk business can also be done more comfortably in a relaxed atmosphere, for example, while eating dinner or just coffee. To determine a representative choice of restaurants and according to your needs, try to look OpenRice.com. This culinary websites provide comprehensive information about restaurants and places to eat in Jakarta and Bandung. In addition to the list of menu options and prices, OpenRice.com also provide detailed information such as the address, hours of operation, types of food, the capacity of the restaurant, to the facilities in each room and a restaurant parking lot. Because of the restaurant’s website is also a portal gathering place for foodies who join become a member, of course, you can find a variety of relevant reviews and subjective of course. Even the exciting promo of the restaurant is also to be clearly explained. With this much information, you can choose carefully restaurant which could be the right place for clicking entertain your clients and business partners. read more : contoh surat lamaran kerja & contoh CV

Watches Casio PRW-3000 protrek For Outdoor Activities

Watches Casio PRW-3000 protrek For Outdoor Activities
If you like outdoor activities, watches Casio PRW-3000 protrek can accompany your outdoor activities. PRW-3000 has one excellent feature, namely compass. Digital compass contained in these watches can point to one direction from the direction of the existing 16. Rotate up to 360º degrees of strength, density adjustment direction, namely 1º. This compass direction is always measuring up to 60 seconds. The watch is also equipped with calibration north and bidirectional, and can make corrections magnetic.



Not only the presence of a high-tech compass, but there are two other features that would be required when you perform exploration activities. The first is Altimeter. Altimeter on PRW-3000 can calculate the height of minus 700 meters below sea level to altitudes of 10,000 meters above sea level. This unique system has been strengthened by the power of the data recording of up to 30 data.

The second feature is Barometer. This feature is very useful when we venture into a high place. Measuring the power starts from 260 to 1,100 hPa, by measuring 1 hPa. Users can view a report urging the change of tendency in the form of charts and graphs are also differential.

Drawings and full specifications: PRW-3000.