Papers Plant Physiology Understanding

Plant PhysiologyPlant physiology (Physics = natural, logos = science) seeking particulars of the fairy plant life.
Plant physiology is a branch of biology that studies the metabolic processes that occur in the body-plants that cause these plants can live. The rate of processes
Metabolism is influenced by the microenvironment surrounding the plant.
By studying the physiology of plants, we will be better able to understand how the sunlight used by plants to produce carbon hydrates of inorganic raw materials such as water and carbon dioxide. Why do plants need a lot of water, how seeds germinate, how plants wither if drought and various other symptoms displayed by plants.
Perhaps you require perhaps you need rpp and sma biology syllabus, lesson plans and syllabi smk or rpp biology and biology syllabus smp to support the learning process in the subject of biology.
Basically symptoms in putting out the plants can be in the light based on the principles of chemistry and physics, some metabolic processes can be explained in detail about the principles of chemistry and physics involved where this explanation has to be accepted by the plant physiologists with tampa keraguaan ,
B. Problem Formulation
Based on the above background, the formulation of the problem:
How does the process of transpiration in plants?
How the influence of sunlight to the direction of plant growth?
How do I prove that the process of respiration in plants that emit CO2, with lime and biomtimol indicator blue?
C. Objectives
For the process of transpiration in plants
To determine the effect of sunlight on the direction of plant growth
To find out how to prove the process of respiration in plants that emit CO2, the water indicator biomtimol lime and blue.
While other purpose holding plant physiology lab is to add insight and knowledge of students in developing creative works and accuracy in conducting research.
A. Implementation
Day / Date: Wednesday, April 22, 2009
Place: LAB Science Biology IAIN Mataram
Objective: To determine the transpiration in plants
B. Basis Theory
Transpiration is a plant life activity. At hakekatnnya, Transpiration is the evaporation of water, but the term evaporation is not used to living beings. Actually occurred throughout the body surface evaporation plant, but most often taken into account is the evaporation through the leaves, because the structure of wide leaves are taken into account those other plants.
Transpiration can also be interpreted as a process of loss of water in vapor form from the plant tissue through stomata. Possible loss of water from the network tanamana through other parts of the plant that can happen, but the portion of the loss is very small compared to the lost through the stomata. Therefore, in the calculation of the amount of water lost from the plant tissue generally focused on water loss through stomata.
Plant transpiration process lasts for life. Researchers at Utah University managed to calculate some much amount of water lost through transpiration in corn plants from germination to harvest. The amount of water lost through transpiration on corn is equivalent to a total of 450 mm of rainfall, or to produce 1 kg of dry weight of corn plants needed 225 kg of water lost through transpiration.
The amount of water lost to the atmosphere through the plant to menghasilkan1 kg dry weight of plants, there are at least two reasons why this is the case:
Tanamana ingredients contained in most of the carbon skeleton are compounds wherein the carbon from the air in the form diksida carbon dioxide (CO2). Plants absorb CO2 through stomata. If the plant wants to absorb more CO2, stomatal banmyak must be opened wide. Consequently if the stomata opening width, the more plant water loss, because both CO2 and water vapor moving through the same stomata.
During the day the plant receives solar radiation, a portion of solar radiation will be absorbed by plants. If the absorption of solar energy is not dilambangi the effort to liberate tersebutm energy, the plant temperature will increase. Excessive increase in temperature would greatly interfere with the metabolism of plants. Transpiration is a process that requires a lot of energy in the evaporation stage of water molecules. Menguapkan1 grams of water needed for energy more than 580 calories.
There are 2 types of transpiration that
Cuticle transpiration, evaporation of water is the smallest directly through the cuticle of the epidermis, and
Transpiration stomata, which in this case took place water loss through stomata.
In the leaf cuticle is relatively impermeable to water, and the types of plant transpiration jsebagian cuticle only 10% or less of the amount of water lost through the leaves. Therefore, most of the water loss occurs through the stomata.
C. Tools and materials
Aluminum volleyball
2 pieces of big-mouthed bottle capacity 150 ml
2 pieces of cork / 2 sheets of aluminum Joil enough to cover the mouth of the bottle
2 pieces of plant species exolapaludosa
D. Experimental Procedure
Taking an experimental plant species or plant shoots a length of approximately 40 cm
Providing the bottles on top, fill with water as much as half
Incorporating plants or plant cuttings into a water bottle that had been filled earlier with through lubung cork bottle / aluminum foill which is the bottle cap
Prevent evaporation of water than through experimental plant
Considering returned bottles every 1 hour and record its weight reduction
After the final weighing, taking plants and measured the total area of leaves, from plants of each bottle experiment.
Quickly calculate levels of transpiration that the plant was carried out by the same two conditions.
E. Observations
Transpiration process is influenced by broad leaves, severe changes in glasses A and B occur due to transpiration process, different numbers of severe lack of glasses A and B is influenced by broad leaves. A leaf on glass bigger than the leaves on the glass B.
F. Discussion
1. Definition of Transpiration
Transpiration can be defined as a process of the loss of water vapor in the form of plant tissue via the stomata. Possible loss of water from the plant tissue through the other parts of the plant may occur. But the portion of the loss is very small compared to the lost through the stomata.
2. Factors that influence the rate of transpiration is as follows:
Transpiration involves diffusion of water vapor from the spaces between the cells into the air through the stomata. Then the transpiration rate will depend on:
Prisoners path traversed to the molecules of water vapor that diffuses, and
Water vapor concentration difference between inside and outside of the leaf that is the sharpness of the diffusion gradient.
Suhi affect the rate of transpiration as temperature have different effects on the vapor pressure outside and inside the leaf. The leaves tend to equalize the temperature with the surrounding air temperature, and because the air in the spaces between cells normally retained in a state of saturation at the prevailing leaf temperature, air temperature rise will lead to an increase in the vapor pressure of the leaf.
The effect of temperature rise equal to the vapor outside air can be ignored (except near ponds, lakes and so on). And because the water vapor pressure gradient inside and outside daunm linked by stomata is sharper, so that the rate increases transpirasipun.
The effect of wind on the transpiration rate is also partly dependent on the sharpness of the diffusion gradient. In the saturated air is formed around the leaf surface active bertranspirasi. If the overall air is not saturated, there will be a concentration gradient of moisture from the saturated air layer into the air farther increasingly saturated.
The availability of water in the soil is another environmental factor that influences the rate of transpiration. If the condition of ground water so that the water supply to the mesophyll cells is inhibited, decreased transpiration rate will soon appear in the laboratory we were doing in the lab
G. Conclusions
Based on the description above discussion it can be concluded that:
Transpiration is the evaporation of water, but the term is not used by a living creature
Transpiration is an activity of plant life activity
Transpiration can also be interpreted as a process of loss of water in vapor form from the plant tissue through stomata
Factors that affect transpiration is
Air wetness
The state of water in the soil
A. Implementation
Day / Date: Wednesday, April 22, 2009
Place: LAB Science Biology IAIN Mataram
Objective: To determine the direction of growing plants affected by sunlight
B. Basis Theory
Motion in plants called etinom motion that the motion reactions caused by external stimuli. Except movement turgor, plants react to changes in the natural surroundings with growth. The response can lead to the growth of the parts of the plant grow faster than in other parts. This growth is able to produce a definite movement but relatively slow. Based on the relationship between the response to the original motion stimuli, etinom movement can be distinguished:
1. Tropism
Tropism is motion part of the plant affected by the direction of the motion direction of the stimulus. Dintinju from a wide source of stimulation, tropism can be distinguished:
Phototropism motion is part of the plant affected by the light stimulus
Geotropisme motion is part of the plant because of the influence of Earth’s gravity
Hidrotropisme motion is due to the stimulation of water plants
Kemotropisme motion is due to the stimulation of plant chemicals
Togmotrpisme motion is due to the stimulation of plant parts touch one side or intersection
2. Nasti
Plants whose direction of motion is not influenced by the direction of the stimulus, but is determined by the plant itself. Various motion dynasty:
Fotonasti dynasty motion is caused by light stimulation
Nyctinasty is a dynasty that is caused by the motion of dark atmosphere, so it is also called movement sleep
Thigmonasty / seismonasti dynasty motion is caused by stimulation of touch or movement
Termonasti is a movement caused by temperature stimuli.
Haptonasti dynasty is a movement that occurs in tumbhan insectivores caused by insects touch
Nasti dynasty complex motion is caused by several factors at once, such as carbohydrates pH, temperature, and calcium levels
3. Taksis
Is the motion of the whole body or parts of plants that move and the direction of displacement is influenced by the stimulus.
C. Tools and materials
a. Polibek
b. Media soil
c. Media water
d. Vigna beans Ungiculata
D. How it Works
Vigna Ungiculata polibek plant in the ground filled with media
Laid at the window exposed to the sun
Observing the direction of plant growth on the part exposed to light and were not exposed to light and look for the difference
Reversing the affected part of the light toward the backlit
E. Observations
F. Discussion
Ungiculata vigna plants that we observed is one of the fast-growing albeit with simple maintenance. Ungiculata vigna crop seeds are planted in polibek, then given water and placed on the windows can be translucent sun. In a very short period of time and be able to live a new plant. Things that we observed in plants vigna ungiculata is about the direction of growth or direction of movement. At first the direction of this crop plant is facing towards sunlight mengenainnya.
From these results we can conclude that while the way the plants grow or motion fortotropisme are classified in motion parts of the plant which direction to follow the sun.
After settling for 2 days, we reverse the direction of the plant that had been bent or direction facing the sun, then we reverse direction to the sun, hasilnyapun same, always follow the direction of the sun. From here we grew namely that these plants belong to the plant phototropism, since the plant part tumbuhannya direction will always follow the direction of sunlight shone.
G. Conclusions
Motion is mum plants can be classified into 3:
Ungiculata vigna plant is a plant belonging to the plants that are part of his body facing the direction of motion of the sun so that the plant is a plant phototropism.
Respiration IN PLANTS
A. Implementation
Day / Date: Wednesday, April 22, 2009
Place: LAB Science Biology IAIN Mataram
Objective: To prove that the released CO2 respiration with lime water indicator and blue bromtimol
B. Basis Theory
Breathing is the process of gas exchange of O2 with CO2 as a result of normal metabolism and substances needed or required in breathing itself.
Breathing is burning (metabolism or dissimilation) in which the stored energy was restored again to restore the processes of life or respiration is the process pembokaran stored energy to be used in the processes of life.
Respiration or oxygen-glucose is the main energy source for most cells. At the time of glucose is broken down into a series of enzymatic reactions, some resulting energy in the form of high-energy phosphate bonds (ATP) and partly lost as heat.
The main process of respiration is the mobilization and oxidation of organic compounds. The compounds in a controlled manner to liberate energy for the maintenance and development of the plant. Respiration reactions (biological oxidation) of a carbohydrate such as glucose takes place in four stages are:
1. Glycolysis
Outlining a series of reactions one molecule of glucose into two molecules of pyruvic acid, this reaction pathway is also called the Embden-Meyerhoff pathway-Parnas (EMP), is the basis of anaerobic respiration or fermentation.
2. pyruvate oxidative decarboxylation
The resulting compounds 2nd stage is broken down into so-called CO2 leaves C6 citric acid as a compound that was first formed in this cycle is citric acid.
This cycle is known as the Krebs cycle. Another name of the chorus as well as acids with three carboxyl groups.
3. Oxidation of the terminal in the chain respiratoris
Hydrogen produced by the substrate to the stage-1 to the 3rd eventually combine with oxygen to form water.
To be able to take place there is a hydrogen transport along a chain of redox system is through a system of transport / electron transport
C. Tools and materials
– Close the cork / aluminim foil
– 4 pieces of test tube
– Gauze
– Rope or yarn
– Pipette measuring
– Aquadest
– Sprouts
– Air lime
– Hidrilla
– Solution blue bromtimol
D. How it Works
Setting up a test tube 4 pieces
Filling tube 1 and tube 2 with 5 ml of water lime
On the tube 2, enter the sprouts that have been wrapped in gauze with a hanging position
Filling tube 3 and the tube 4 distilled water to taste
Add 3-5 drops of blue bromtimol on the tube 3 and the tube 4
On the tube 4 includes several leaves hydrilla
Closes 4 test tubes tightly with foil alluminium
Observing the changes that occur in the 4 tubes
E. Observations
Papers Plant Physiology Understanding
F. Discussion
Based on the above observations can be noted that:
Tubes II containing (lime and bean sprouts) more turbid than tbung to I, this occurs because the solution reacts with the lime water sprouts that perform respiration O2 is issued.
Lime water is a chemical compound that can react with carbon dioxide. Reaction results in the form of colored substances such as milk, which is then deposited particles of lime.
Due to the use of fresh sprouts sprouts sprouts do breathing because it is still alive. The proof is seen in the original lime water changes clear to white. Actually lime is calcium can bind CO2.
Changes color treated solution bromtimol blume occur on the tube to 4, because the tube is inserted into the solution -4 hydrilla plants, and the color changes from green to yellowish green leaves, is due to the influence of hydrilla klorifl that perform respiration by releasing O2 ,
In the test tube Which lime water becomes turbid?
What is the function of the lime water and why water use chalk?
In the test tube in which changes color treated solution bromtimol blue? Why?
Why use kuncul flowers are blooming or sprouts?
Compare your observations on the 4th of the tube. How is the result?
Answer Discussion
In the second reaction tube lime water becomes turbid because CO2 is mixed with lime water he becomes cloudy.
Lime function to determine whether or not there is respiration and lime function as an indicator for the respiration process would happen if airnyar cloudy
Water discoloration occurs in the test tube into the 4th reason is because the reaction tube 4th respiration process successfully
Because it is impossible to use the root / stem of the plant due to respiration processes at the plant was the largest place on the leaf that the leaf stomata.
Comparison of the 4th tube
G. Conclusions
Based on observations and the discussion above it can be concluded that prove in detail about the principles of the lime water that react with CO2 and blue bromtimol that react with CO2 can be proven when we practice.
If the lime water reacts with CO2, the water will turn into a cloudy and blue bromtimol liquid CO2 reacts with the water color will be dark green
A. Conclusion
Based on some lab work shows it can be concluded that:
The process of transpiration in plants, the process of transpiration is influenced by broad leaves, severe changes in each experiment happens because the process of transpiration, the lack of difference in the amount of body weight is influenced by broad leaves.
Direction grow plants which belong to the movement parts of the plant phototropism which direction to follow the direction of the sun.
The principles of the lime water reacts with CO2 and blue bromtimol that react with CO2 can be proven when we practice.
B. Suggestions
Based on practical experience that we have done in the Biological Science Laboratory passing opportunities and the written report we try to give some character to bring up in order to enter the lab in the future are more likely to building the quality of the results of such practices to:
Co.Ass, in order to provide supplies to the existence of the more clear that we are not confused as practiced in giving a description and discussion of each event in the report and our practice as a practice facility at the Laboratory expects that propagated back because we as a practice has not been too happy with facilities we use during this

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renang gaya punggung dimulai sejak tahun

Animal Physiology

INTRODUCTION Animal Physiologyanimal
A. Background

Physiology of animals is one of the kuliyah that must be taken by the faculty of biology to be able to follow to a higher level. The concept contained in biology does not just rely on the ability or power .harapan of a student, but also to be able to erlogika and analyze
a problem arising in everyday life, as well as within the scope of the lecture, which if only rely on the concept of memorizing it a concern or problem that occurs is difficult unresolved.

In addition to the above, the biological sciences generally require persistence in trying to resolve a problem that occurs, making it easier for us to solve other problems. Life Sciences is one of the branches of science that discuss or talk about all of the living creatures in the entire universe. This means biology or discuss a wide scope and can be analysis of everything that exists in this world.

In lab animal physiology that includes the “Influence of Body Temperature, Pulse (Pulpus) on arterial Radiation, Function How Brain on Frogs, and akasi Integrasif composition of Safat Center reflex In the Frog” is a partial kosnep the basis of biological matter entirely, it indicates how the extent of the discussion is contained by biology.
B. Purpose

The purpose of this peraktikum are as follows:

Add insight and provides a description or explanation of the theory that the eye kuliyah dudapatkan on animal physiology
To prove the theory and explanation of the truth
Improve student discussion about the concepts in the physiology of the animal so as to create calonn educator berkuwalitas.



Effect of Temperature Roving Against Body Temperature


Measuring pulse (pulsus) at the radial artery
Calculate cardiac output (CO)

Theoretical basis

Talking about physiology, which is an important and fundamental is homeostasis. Homeostasis is the body’s internal lingkukan condition that reletif constant restrictions. In order for cells to survive to stay alive, then the composition of the surrounding caoran right to be maintained at all times. Fluid outside of cells called the intercellular tissue, interstitial fluid or tissue fluid. EFC in the blood vessels is called plasma. Caoran in Seil called intracellular fluid (IFC).

An organism is said to differ in homeostasis when the internal environment.

Containing gases, nutrients, ions and ari in a state of optimum
Has the optimum temperature
Have the optimum pressure for healthy cells.

When disturbed homeostasis can lead to the occurrence of pain. When body fluids are not in equilibrium, there can be death.

Temperature and Heat Regulatory Body
Body temperature
Based on the ability to regulate body temperature, the organism can be grouped into two major categories:

Poikiletherm (cold-blooded)
In those animals depend poikilotherm suhutubuhnya ambient temperature, for example, groups of fish, amphibians, reptiles and invertebrates.

Homiotherm (warm-blooded)
At organisms homiotehrm KONSAN body temperature can be maintained at the limits of certain norms. Disekelilinginya temperature changes that affect, but relatively small. This is because the organism has a central regulator of the manufacture of heat and heat loss. Orgnaisme who belong to this group are Aves and Mahalia.

Body Heat Regulation

Normally, the body experiences a surge in daily temperature of no more than 20F. While ill, variations may reach several degrees.

Heat production
The heat generated from oxidation or catabolism as muscles and glands (especially hatui) is a network of the most active and do more so that oxidation generates more heat.

Heat loss
There are several ways that the loss of body heat, skin, heat is lost from the skin as radias, conduction, and evaporation of sweat. Approximately 80% of all heat lost from the body through kilit.

a. Radiation

Radiation is the transfer of heat from the removal of an object to another object without the rivalry between the two objects tersebu. Heat beriadsi permukaann keobyek body adjacent the cooler temperature of the skin and the radiation and the radiation on the skin of the object that is hotter than the skin.

b. Conduction

Conduction is the transfer of heat to any substance that is actually in contact with the body. This process led to an amount of heat lost is relatively small when compared to the rediaso or evaporation.

c. Evaporation of water

Evaporation of water is a very important way of dealing with the heat loss from the skin. Sufficient atmospheric moisture inhibits evaporation thus decreases the cooling effect that occurs from it, meaning that the same degree temperatures feel hotter in the humid state of the dry state.
Tools and materials

Tool :
– Clock
– Stoterkop
– Barometer
– Table
Material :
– Rabbit

macam macam gaya renang adalah

renang gaya bebas beserta gambar

Knowledge of Morphology, Anatomy Plants And Animals

MorphologyKnowledge of Morphology, Anatomy Plants And Animals
A. Background

IPA is one of the many subjects that carry various forms practicum among others also includes some subject matter related to the lesson relation with Nature.
In the lab this time we observe the various types of bacteria and fungi, which generally moves passively. However, there are many different types of bacteria which in certain circumstances can be formed hairs that penetrate the walls of the plasma and the plasma hairs allows the bacteria to move actively in a liquid medium. The hairs plasma was typically called feather whip or flagellum, the number and location on the body can vary.

Heterotrophic bacteria usually lives as a saprophyte or as a parasite. However, there are some types that are able to hold assimilation, so are autotrophs.

B. Problem Formulation

Based on the description above background can be determined formulation of the problem in the preparation of this report: for mengetahuai variation in bacteria, Challenging the distinguishing feature between prokaryotic and eukaryotic and Estimating a condition of foodstuffs that can be damaged by bacterial activity, as well as the shapes of leaves and morphology plants and animals.

C. General Purpose

Based on the formula above problems can be determined objectives in this report such as: mengetahuai variation in bacteria, Challenging the distinguishing feature between prokaryotic and eukaryotic and Estimating a condition of foodstuffs that can be damaged by the activity of bacteria and other forms of leaves and morphology of plants and animals ,


A. Implementation
1. Day / Date: Sunday, May 31, 2009
2. Venue: Science Laboratory
3. Purpose:
Introducing several kinds of tools and materials laboratory
To test for starch in various foodstuffs

B. Basis Theory

Chemical laboratory like a kitchen equipped with various equipment, whether simple or sophisticated enough. Simple tools most widely used among others: test tube, a stirrer, funnel, bent pipe, watch glass, measuring cups, goblets, water (distilled), flask, clamps, etc.
The brace is a device made of wood or wire that is used to clamp and hold a test tube of heat, and a funnel made of glass that is used to help insert fluid into the bottle mouth narrow or as a place to put the filter paper at the time of screening (Yuduyawati, 1972: 17).

The test tube is a device made of glass pirix so that it can be heated, and is used for reacting chemicals (Maryono, 1975: 13).
In filling a pipette with a solution Boton preferably with the aid of a pipette, if no solution can be sucked through a plastic hose, made of glass burette length with a line that ditera Sepala carefully. At the lower end there is a faucet to drain the fluid to be issued buret used to obtain the volume of a liquid carefully in the smallest size. (Anonymous, 1993, pp 10-15).

C. Equipment and Materials

Experiment I
– Stationery writing and laboratory materials

D. How it Works
Each group can make observations
Describe simple tools and materials that have been provided on each table experiment
Take note of the things that need to be considered on the observations

E. Observations

The observation of the material and its nature
Information signs / Symbol:
1. X: Nothing too dangerous
2. —–: Dangerous when exposed to fire

3: Can be deadly

Picture observation tools and their role
For a more complete paper Morphological Sciences, Anatomy Plants And Animals

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With the aptitudes of open talking is a vital part of being sure with yourself. It is a capacity that you require, paying little respect to what may be your employment don’t have. If you require help with your open talking aptitudes, endeavor the going with essential and convincing tips and traps of open talking.

body languageMake a point to wear a consistent match of shoes when you do open talking. You require your position tall and beyond any doubt, to be straightforward shoulders, allowing you to delineate assurance. In case you get on the period of the feet, knees or back distress hard, it will impact your talk much.

If you, open talking, endeavor to keep it to 20 minutes or less. This, says the typical length of by far most’s thought, so it’s more than they run the threat of debilitating. If you achieve more than examine it, make sense of how to change gears in the midst of the solicitation does not have the post.

One way to deal with upgrade your capability when talking straightforwardly, to relate the veritable story. Before bantering with an audit of the history. Make sure to have a presentation, body and conclusion. Support your story on certifiable events, your words seem, by all accounts, to be normal and honest to goodness.

Use your voice strong, if you pass on your message, and it is tremendously enhanced to be orchestrated. People listen harder, people who have certainty, talks uproariously, and this message will be sent. Despite the way that you are not 100% without question that no one will understand that in case you think, as you say.

Gnawing gum Do not nibble or eat, on the off chance that you’re talking about. Gnawing unprofessional and redirecting the gathering of spectators. It is sensible for a glass of water to drink once in a while, so that your throat does not get dry. Keep it to a base, as it serves to occupy from your message.

Inspect the spot before you to keep your talk. Look at how tremendous the room, the measure of space arrives, and that degree is. You’ll feel less restless when you understand what you have to do is Wednesday. In like manner, endeavor to get on the stage, to get a sentiment the scene.

Never hold a significant exchange with someone in light of the way that they are sitting in one of the bleeding edges. In case you talk with no attempt at being subtle, everyone should be as basic to you. Guarantee that everyone in the room is totally aware of everything that is said.

In case you are going to talk for a long time, you should have a glass of water advantageous on the stage. It’s moreover a shrewd thought, a seat behind the stage, so you can stay here and there when you are unnecessarily depleted, making it difficult to get. Wear pleasant shoes so you can concentrate on your talk in the state, not the legs.

If you have to succeed, you need incredible open talking capacities. It is vital that you get a much clear and smaller opportunity to get your point if you are bantering with a social event of any size. Take the tips recorded above to fabricate their open talking capacities.

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‘Madrid have a problem, named Barcelona’


Josep Maria Minguella, a former cincin tunangan agent of Diego Maradona, Rivaldo until Josep Guardiola, also the person who found Lionel Messi, talk about Real Madrid and Barcelona rivalry.

Told Cadena COPE, Minguella say that Madrid is a strong team with top players purchase since a few years ago. A row of color change of any coach lunge El Real. However, the Spanish giants have one problem. Problem was named Barcelona.

“The problem at Real Madrid is Barcelona. Real Madrid have a syndrome called Barcelona,” said Minguella.

“In the era of Jose Mourinho, Real Madrid have an aggressive madrid-punya-satu-masalah-namanya-barcelonacharacter. Together with Carlo Ancelotti, they are quieter character. In the hands of Rafael Benitez, Real Madrid tried aggressively,” he added.

A number of top players have been brought in Madrid during the past few years. However, in the last eight seasons, Madrid only twice won La Liga. Meanwhile, the five-time champions Barcelona. Only in season 2013/14, they were undermined by the dominance of Atletico Madrid.

Last season, Madrid even got to see the eternal rivals treble.

“The large investment for the transfer of players. That’s what happens at Real Madrid. However, they can only take the chance when Barcelona was sunk,” said Minguella.

Some time ago, Madrid against Barcelona cincin palladium at the Santiago Bernabue. In a duel El Clasico in La Liga, Madrid made Benitez humiliated Barcelona Luis Enrique concoction four goals without reply. (cad / gia)

Selection Capim Although delayed, the Commission will not be disturbed


Executing the task (Plt) vice-chairman of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), Indriyanto judge delays Leadership Candidate selection results (Capim) the Commission will not interfere with the performance of the Commission. With the performance of the system has been implemented the Commission, such delay is thought not unusual and does not interfere with the performance.

In addition, said Indriyanto, the political turmoil also sometimes appeared in Capim determination of the Commission as it is today.

“The Commission III do the usual things like this, let alone the political dynamics will always be encountered in political bodies to things like this. And this does not interfere with the performance of the Commission as the performance of the system and has been running as usual as well,” said Indriyanto to Friday (27/11).

Johan Budi, who is one of the Capim Commission proposed by the Selection Committee (Pansel) also declined to comment on the selection of the delay Capim Commission.

meski-seleksi-capim-ditunda-kpk-tidak-akan-terganggu“Wow I do not comment about Capim, because I am the one Capim KPK,” said Johan to, Friday (27/11).

Previously President Joko Widodo has received eight candidates KPK leaders name of the selection committee. In the submission of names Capim Pansel filed by the Commission, is divided into four parts.

In the field of prevention there are expert Staff of the National Intelligence Agency (BIN) Saut Situmorang, Director of the Trade Union and the Trade Center Surya Chandra.

In the field of management there is the former head of the Institute for Procurement of goods and services (LKPP) Agus Raharjo, and Director of Network Development Commission Cooperation between the Commission Sudjanarko Agencies.

Ad Hoc Judge Alexander Marwata, and Brigadier General Basaria Panjaitan is in the field of action. For the field of supervision, coordination, monitoring, there is Johan Budi Santosa Prabowo today as Acting KPK leaders, and Laode Muhammad Sarif which is Rector Unhas.